Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teaching Made Easy.

Since I became a teacher, I've heard and read many negative thoughts about my beloved profession. You know, the regular "teachers only work 9 months of out the year" philosophy. My goal here is not to discount that ideology. I know when I work and I know how hard I work. So do my students. That is enough for me.

Anyway, time to stop babbling. I just read a very interesting blog on the Scholastic Teachers site. The author of the blog, Jeremy Rinkel, makes a point that noone can argue with:

"What do a lawyer, doctor, astronaut and mechanic all have in common? They all have teachers."

Who can argue with that?

Read the rest of his blog. It's good stuff! http://http//blogs.scholastic.com/classroom_solutions/2011/08/creating-a-well-managed-classroom.html

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